Friday, November 4, 2011

Plumet 2

You fall. And you fall. And you fall again! That's Plumet 2 for you.

(And, yes, it's spelled 'Plumet', not 'Plummet'. Why? No idea. See?

Told you.)

Should I have reviewed the first game first? Probably. I didn't, however, and to be honest I can't imagine it's that different from the sequel, given that the concept of these games is so incredibly basic. And in this case, that's not a bad thing at all.


Plumet 2 has no story and it is hardly fraught with complexities. No, in this game you have but one objective: fall. Fall until you can't fall no more. You're given control of some little dude who has to run, jump and roll his way down through the cracks in the Earth, as faaaaaar as possible, until the screen catches up with him and leaves 'im a bloody smear. The screen's scrolling rate gets faster and faster as you go, so don't expect any mercy from this game.


Smooth, smooth, smooth. Plumet 2 has near flawless controls, which, again, is imperative to your survival. Everything is handled via the direction keys, and mastery is easy to achieve within less than a minute.


Plumet 2 has your standard browser-based graphics: simplified, cartoony characters, just outside stick men artistically, and rocky platforms. Toss in a background that keeps scrolling downward and you have a game. It works fine, especially when you start to realize that you're getting into increasingly more dangerous territory:

And, uh, yeah. That's about as far as I've gotten. Not incredibly elegant or anything, but it works - and most importantly it works smoothly, which is absolutely vital in a game like Plumet 2. Any little hitch in the graphics can spell your immediate doom.


The music in Plumet 2 is excellent in that you really don't mind listening to it over and over. There are only three tracks, true, and most of the time you'll only be hearing only one of them, but it's good. Upbeat and high energy. A mounting sense of doom the further down you go might have been nice, but I won't be too picky.


Yes, a new category! If you have someone else, you can have a two-player game of Plumet 2 - or, barring that, you can fight against a computer. Either mode is decent, though having the second player operating the ASDW keys on the same computer can get a little cramped, depending on the size of your keyboard. Multiplayer also introduces a second mode, Race, which is much shorter than the normal Classic mode... and not nearly as interesting. Oh well.

Challenge Rating

Starts off easy, eventually becomes nigh impossible. Plumet 2 is one of those Tetris-esque games that you play until you lose. Getting a higher score than your friends is the important thing. Practice, practice, practice!


Plumet 2 is a fun, somewhat relaxing, casual browser game. There's not much to it, which makes it fantastic for coffee breaks or moments of sheer boredom. You also get unlockables the further down you go, in the form of extra outfits for your little guy, so constant playing is encouraged:

Does this change the game at all? Not really. But why get squished as a dude in an orange suit when you can get squished as Santa Claus?


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